Summer Jobs For Students - Valuable Experience

Being at university is no easy picnic for the majority of students. Okay, so it may look on the surface that they are just a bunch of scruffy layabouts that do nothing but feed off pizzas, sleep all day, and party all night, but I think we need to give the majority of our well-read rebels a bit of slack here.

For many undergraduates, their education is not taken for granted. Most do not arrive at campus in BMW sports cars and credit cards to boot. In fact, a large amount of those entering higher education find it necessary to support themselves for the duration of their study period and have no choice but to find jobs that they can fit-in around their classes.

Jobs for students are usually both casual and menial in nature. It's theses job types that allow the flexible working hours necessary for the young learners. Unfortunately, jobs for students are usually poorly paid too. However, working in a McDonalds as a waitress today may open a door to a junior store manager after graduation, so sometimes, a tedious job through college could result in a career move later on, providing you impressed the big wigs along the way of course.

I remember working as a bartender during my entire college career. Bar jobs for students are perfect, as the tips are usually far greater in a busy pub than a bustling restaurant. There's something about folks and alcohol that makes them loosen up on the ole purse strings when it comes to settling the bill. Yes, bar work was perfect for me and I loved to keep my finger on the pulse of the social scene without having to dig too deep into my own pitiful funds. Socializing while working. It doesn't get any better than that.

Although there are many types of jobs for students I think I'm right in saying that bar work is the most popular and therefore the most difficult to get into. It's an unfortunate fact, but true nonetheless, that good looking students have a much greater chance of landing these sought after pub positions than the unattractive or just plain ugly kids.

In hind sight, I wish I had thought more carefully about the jobs for students that were available at my years at uni. I was so busy having fun in the pub, that I completely overlooked the potential out there.

I always wanted to be an executive in the civil service and there were plenty of casual jobs in the local passport office going at the same time that I was at college. This would have shown enthusiasm and devotion to my major and would most likely have placed me in a favorable position for any openings after graduation. In actual fact, I personally know of 5 graduates from my year that walked into such junior executive positions within the civil service and yes, they all took part time work at the local passport office during their study years.

Me, after failing numerous interviews for governmental posts, I gave up and took a job as an assistant manger for a tiny shoe shop in the local high street of my home town. I have no plans to make a career out of this but I'm certain today that if I'd looked carefully at the jobs for students available back in my days of higher education, I may have placed myself in good stead for a better career launch after graduation.

It's too late for me, but if you are an undergraduate, why not carefully consider the jobs for students on hand during your summer employment. Be mindful about what you want to do for a living after you graduate. You may well find jobs for students that relate specifically to your area of interest. It is these employment opportunities that will help you establish yourself as a professional in the future.